DentistryGuildcrest Cat Hospital provides dental services ranging from digital dental x-rays, ultrasonic scaling and polishing to oral surgeries and extractions. Dental disease is very common in cats; as many as two-thirds of cats aged three years and older have some degree of dental disease. If left untreated, dental problems can wreak havoc on the body. Toothaches can cause a tremendous amount of pain, causing the cat to stop eating and leading to much more serious health problems. Once the roots of the tooth become infected, the infection can travel through the blood stream and through the cat’s organs.

We offer free dental exams to our clients in order to assess the health of your cat’s teeth. Dental Prophylaxis is the same for your cat as it is for you, we remove the tartar and polish he teeth to prevent more buildup in the future. Dental X-Rays allow us to see if there are any underlying issues below the gum line so that we are able to get one step ahead on your cat’s dental health.