PLEASE NOTE THAT WE HAVE POSTED THIS AS A COURTESY. We are not caring for Karla, and adoption inquires will be forwarded to her current owner.

Karla is a affectionate 9 year old medium hair gray cat. She wants nothing more then to sleep on/under your bed, eat treats and get chin scratches. She is so loving and will come when you call her name, especially if she knows you have food or a warm lap for her to sit on. She also enjoys laying under bushes in her completely enclosed backyard. She has only ever been an indoor cat with the exception of her new backyard. She would be unsure on what to do if she was let out to roam freely and should be kept inside or only outdoors safely. She is amazing with kids on her own terms, but does get overwhelmed and startled with loud noises. In her first foster home she had negative experiences with other cats and has been a solo cat for the last 8 years at her current home. A young child free/cat and dog free home would be best for her.

Karla’s only negative behavior is that she has the occasional pee accident outside of the litter. It almost always happens near floor grates and is always contained to the same place once she goes. We are currently using plug in pharmones and crystal reducing food and she is doing amazing! It happens once every couple of weeks or so. She has never pooped outside of the litter box.

She is lovely and has so many amazing years ahead of her and deserves a loving quiet home that she can call her forever home.

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