Update: Lyle has been adopted

This is Lyle. Lyle is in desperate need of a forever home. He’s not very photogenic as he’s too busy giving love to pose for the camera. Lyle is a special case and We urgently need to find him a home with no other cats.

Lyle is a sweet kitty, he’s 5 years old, neutered and has an incredible personality. Lyles life has not been simple. He was rescued from a barn by a kind man who loved him deeply. Unfortunately, Lyle’s owner passed recently, leaving Lyle with no place to go. We took him into Buddy’s Buddies, however, it is not an ideal environment for him to stay.

Lyle has chronic herpes virus. Herpes virus in cats causes respiratory symptoms. While Lyle is otherwise in good health, he can have flare ups from time to time. These flare ups can be managed easily with medication periodically.
The problem is that herpes virus is contagious so Lyle will need a home with no other cats.

Due to this issue, Lyle needs to stay in isolation while he is at the clinic so that he doesn’t compromise the health of our clinic cats and patients. This makes it incredibly difficult for Lyle to advertise himself, and it’s not ideal for him to have to stay in a small room all by himself. Please share to help find this incredible guy a forever home! If you or anyone you know is interested please contact us 416-267-4697 or email

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