Here at the Guildcrest Cat Hospital, we know that cats are as unique as people and that each cat is special in their own way. That’s why when you come to our clinic we schedule a 30 minute exam to get to know your cat and decide on the best course of action for him or her. Whether you are coming in for an annual exam and vaccines, a spay or neuter, information on preventive treatment or any other concerns. The friendly staff will be more than happy to answer your questions and schedule an appointment to see one of our doctors. Should you be concerned about your felines’ weight, we will create a personal daily food chart for your cat to follow and we offer free monthly weight checks to ensure that your cat is on the right track to reaching their ideal weight .

Apart from working to keep your cat healthy, the Guildcrest Cat Hospital also works on making their visit to our clinic as stress-free and pleasant as possible. In order to achieve this, Dr. Stewart, owner and practitioner, had this clinic custom made to be spacious, comfortable and most importantly dog-free. The quiet and open environment that we provide allows cats to relax and not feel trapped while they wait for the vet, and when they are being examined.

Guildcrest Cat Hospital promotes preventive medicine. This means that our goal is to protect, promote, and maintain the health and well-being of our patients in order to prevent disease, disability, and death. We endeavor to find health problems in their early stages so that we are able to offer optimum treatment.

Our half-hour annual examinations allow our clients time to discuss with the Doctor any concerns they may have regarding their feline friend throughout all of their life stages, from kittens to adults to geriatric cats.
The doctors will go over the vaccination protocol with you, and tailor vaccinations to suit the lifestyle needs and age of your cat.

At this time we look forward to your questions regarding your feline`s health as it is important to us that you are part the heath care team!

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